The Diamond Sutra

The Vajracchedikā Prajñāpāramitā Sūtra (Diamond Sutra) is an early Mahayana “Perfection of Wisdom” text written in the first few centuries of the Common Era and contains important teachings on emptiness, no-self, non-attachment, impermanence, and enlightenment.  Translated into Chinese in 401 CE, it is one of the most influential works in the Zen tradition.

The image on the right is the original frontispiece attached to a scroll of the Diamond Sutra found in 1907 in the Dunhuang caves with a colophon dated to 868 CE. The original scroll is currently in the British museum.We will be using a translation of this scroll in the seminar.

The Seminar

For a weekend we will study and practice while we explore the principal themes of the Diamond Sutra in light of the teachings of Tathāgatha Zen.  Alternating sessions of lecture, discussion, and formal Rinzai Zen practice will facilitate extending this insight into our daily lives.  Formal practice comprises seated meditation (zazen), walking (kinhin), chanting (choka), and silent meals.