Once a month we replace the first portion of our regular schedule with a chanting service that covers the entirety of the  Rinzai-ji Sutra Book.  The Event List indicates when a chanting service is scheduled. The texts that are chanted are:

Myōhō Renge Kyō – Chapter 25 of the Lotos Sutra
Hannya Shingyō – The Heart Sutra
Sho Sai Shu – Dharani of Removing Disaster
Daihien Mon Bukai Jinshu – Dharani of the Great Compassionate One
Shosai Shu – Feeding of the Hungry Ghosts
Kozen Daito Kokushi Yui Kai – Last Admonition of Kozen Daito
Shigu Seigan Mon – The Four Great Vows

The texts are printed in Latin alphabet. The chanting is accompanied by a wooden instrument, called mokugyō, and occasional bells. The chant leader chants several dedications during the service, which express our gratitude to those who walked this path before us, Buddhas, Patriarchs, and Teachers.

Dharma Talks
On selected dates Chigan Rōshi gives a Dharma Talk that may be based on a specific topic, related to current events, questions that have been asked, or a traditional text. Some of these talks were transcribed and are posted in this site. You can read some of the posted talk in the Magazine.

You can listen to some recorded talks at your leisure on Soundcloud.