Thank You

2022 Retrospective

A Year of Changes

The year is coming to a close and it has brought about many changes. Let’s not call it a level of a new normal, if anything, we learn through this practice that normalcy is just a construct of the realm of duality. In any case, what is right in front of us, we have to face.

Fortunately, we were able open up again in September and resume the in-person practice. While still cautious, we want to stress how important the practice within a group is and how much we all appreciate our fellow practitioners.

We will continue to offer sitting practice on Wednesday evenings in 2023, looking forward to a year of renewed energies and in-person presence. We can also look forward to continued longer retreats hosted by the Zen Studies Society at the New York Zendo and Dai Bosatsu Zendo in the Catskills, led by Chigan Roshi.

Thank you for your support, financial or in spirit, without it Charles River Zen could not continue to offer this priceless practice to the world.


2017 Gratitude and Thanks

The year 2017 was full of events and developments in the world and also at Charles River Zen. The Abbot and Vice-Abbess of the center would like to extend their gratitude on behalf of all sangha members and visitors who helped with the sittings, events, and who come to practice with us.

Thank You
On November 25, 2017 Shinge-shitsu Roko Sherry Chayat Roshi bestowed inka shomei on Kyo-On Dokuro Osho, naming him her first Dharma heir. Our deep respect and gratitude to Shinge Roshi for her leadership of the Zen Studies Society and for passing on that which cannot be transmitted, to the next generation of Rinzai Zen in the Hakuin Ekaku, Takuju Kosen, Soen Nakagawa lineage.

We were greatly honored by the presence, kindness, and congratulatory words by Donge-shitsu Shunan Noritake Rodaishi, abbot of Myoshin-ji’s Reiun-in and of Rinzai-ji in Los Angeles, by his generous gifts including poetry and calligraphy and more. We also are grateful for Noritake Roshi’s hospitality during our visit to Japan in October, when Shuko and Dokuro were invited to join Shinge Roshi in attending the 250th Anniversary Celebration for Hakuin Ekaku Zenji at Ryutaku-ji in Mishima and to visit Reiun-in and Myoshin-ji in Kyoto.

Deep bows to Nankei Okajima Osho from Honko-ji in Kyoto, her wonderful energy and presence, and for the generous gifts which she presented on the occasion of the Dharma Transmission Ceremony.

Dokuro also thanks the four gates, Hogen Heribert Harter Osho from Bodhidharma Zendo Augsburg, Myoren Kumiko Yasukawa ZenniShika (head monastic) at Rinzai-ji in Los Angeles, Juyo Dennis Giacomo Zenji, General manager at Dai Bosatsu Zendo, and Myoho Brenda Miller Zenni, gardener at DBZ. Thank you to all who participated in the ceremony and made it possible: Kimpu Jonathan Swan Zenji, Shika at DBZ, Sozan, Tozan, and all the many hands that were needed for this event.

Special attendees from far away included Seigaku Kigen William Ekeson Osho from the Bodhidharma Zendo in Vienna (Austria), Muichi Osho from Honei-ji in Saitama-ken, Zengetsu Myokyo Judith McLean Osho from Enpuku-ji in Montreal (Canada), Jiun Veronika Katona from Stainz (Austria), Junryu Eran Vardi Roshi and Rev. Myogen from Eiryu-ji in New Jersey, Dokan Charles Martin Zenji, Shika at Mt. Baldy Zen Center, Ginsei Ginger Calloway ZenniOren Beth Shaefer ZenniKoshin Susan Crozier from Rinzai-ji, and many more.

Thank you for being a constant presence at the Zendo to Jodo Franco Deangelis Koji, good luck to Tangen Brian Canning Koji and Giten Maat Manninen Koji, whose life paths took them from the Boston area to other places in the United States. A special thanks to James Murdock and Virginia Toner for their long-lasting  practice, support, and dedication.

Last, but not least, our thanks to all who have contributed generously by their presence and financial contributions.


2014 Gratitude & Thanks

As we have moved into 2015 it is time to acknowledge and thank those who have given their time and commitment to Charles River Zen.

Jodo Franco DeAngelis

We wanted to thank Jodo for his ten years of faithful service as the treasurer of our non-profit organization. Jodo has managed the financials from our early days at the Cambridge Buddhist Association through our moves to various locations in Watertown. As a token of appreciation we have presented Jodo with a framed print of Bodhidharma by Sengai Gibon (1750-1837). Jodo also celebrated his tenth anniversary having taken Jukai and having received his dharma name. Congratulations to a steadfast practitioner!

An Anonymous Donor

The Diamond Sutra Weekend in November was a great success. It would not have been possible to break even without the generous donation of an unnamed donor who covered the travel expense and honoraria for the two presenters, Prof. Hori and Prof. Roth. Many thanks for the generous donation that made the workshop possible.

The Charles River Zen Sangha

It is always great to acknowledge those who serve regularly as officers at the sittings. Serving the tea or keeping time are important pillars in the setup of formal Zen practice. Many thanks to everyone who has taken up the challenge to ring the bell or make the tea:

Jodo Franco DeAngelis, Myoki Monica McTighe, Eigetsu Theodora Francis, Maat Manninen, Patrick Mair, and the vice-abbess Shuko M. Rubin Jaeckel.

Our Zen Masters and Zen Ancestors

We give great thanks to the ancestors in the lineage of Zen that follows Rinzai Gigen, and the living Zen masters who manifest living Buddhism and Rinzai Zen. Deep gratitude to the late Kyozan Joshu Roshi, his life, which was dedicated to the teaching and the manifestation of the way of Rinzai Zen. Deep gratitude also to Shinge Roshi of the Zen Studies Society, who has taken in our group at Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji and generously shared her teachings and guidance.


2011 Contributors & Donors

After leaving the 75 Sparks Street center Charles River Zen needed to find a new home. We wanted to thank all of the sangha for their help with packing and moving out, storing the 60 cartons of books from the library, offering transportation, helping hands and so much more. Thank you all (in alphabetical order):

Adam Bright
Chris Scarpino
Daniela Gadamska
David Karp
Denise Patnod
Eigetsu Theodora Francis
Ginny Toner
Hendrik Lenferink
Hōgen Sevn McAuley
Jamie Murdock
Jōdo Franco DeAngelis

Kristina Hogg
Matt Mattinen
Mike Siegel
Myōki Monica McTighe
Paul Leischer
Peter A. Crawley
Ryan Weber
Shūkō Marlene Rubin
Taigen Amos Worth
Trey Schutrumpf


Your generous donations to Charles River Zen allow us to run the programs we offer and sustain our presence. We are very thankful for your donations and your support.

Aiko Beth Goldring
David Karp
Monica McTighe
Mike Siegel

Hendrik Lenferink
Peter A. Crawley
Cambridge Buddhist Association