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Where there is full radiance, where there is full illumination, there is full consciousness.

Where there is only partial radiance, partial illumination, there is judgment, there is discrimination, there is doubt.

Kyōzan Jōshū, Rōshi



Zazen (座禅), seated Zen meditation, leads us to discover and realize our original nature. Sitting still and allowing the breath to flow freely awakens and clears the mind.

In the Zazen posture our mind and body develop great strength to accept things as they are.

As we develop equanimity and a nonjudgmental stance we learn to go beyond our limited perception of the world.   We recognize  underlying illusions and the origins of our own personal challenges.



Kinhin (經行), meditative walking, is alternated with periods of Zazen. This is meditation in motion, embodying movement and stillness. Walking in step brings the group together as one.

We also combine chanting with walking meditation, Gyōdō (行道), where we have the opportunity to manifest sound, breath, and step as one.



When we chant we manifest total presence as voice. Full engagement in the moment leaves no time for thinking.   This aids us in transcending the confines of our limited selves to become free of opinions, ideologies, and beliefs.

Chanting is a transformative experience, yet no magic or esoteric forces are involved. What is required is your full attention.