2017 Gratitude and Thanks

The year 2017 was full of events and developments in the world and also at Charles River Zen. The Abbot and Vice-Abbess of the center would like to extend their gratitude on behalf of all sangha members and visitors who helped with the sittings, events, and who come to practice with us.

Thank You
On November 25, 2017 Shinge-shitsu Roko Sherry Chayat Roshi bestowed inka shomei on Kyo-On Dokuro Osho, naming him her first Dharma heir. Our deep respect and gratitude to Shinge Roshi for her leadership of the Zen Studies Society and for passing on that which cannot be transmitted, to the next generation of Rinzai Zen in the Hakuin Ekaku, Takuju Kosen, Soen Nakagawa lineage.

We were greatly honored by the presence, kindness, and congratulatory words by Donge-shitsu Shunan Noritake Rodaishi, abbot of Myoshin-ji’s Reiun-in and of Rinzai-ji in Los Angeles, by his generous gifts including poetry and calligraphy and more. We also are grateful for Noritake Roshi’s hospitality during our visit to Japan in October, when Shuko and Dokuro were invited to join Shinge Roshi in attending the 250th Anniversary Celebration for Hakuin Ekaku Zenji at Ryutaku-ji in Mishima and to visit Reiun-in and Myoshin-ji in Kyoto.

Deep bows to Nankei Okajima Osho from Honko-ji in Kyoto, her wonderful energy and presence, and for the generous gifts which she presented on the occasion of the Dharma Transmission Ceremony.

Dokuro also thanks the four gates, Hogen Heribert Harter Osho from Bodhidharma Zendo Augsburg, Myoren Kumiko Yasukawa ZenniShika (head monastic) at Rinzai-ji in Los Angeles, Juyo Dennis Giacomo Zenji, General manager at Dai Bosatsu Zendo, and Myoho Brenda Miller Zenni, gardener at DBZ. Thank you to all who participated in the ceremony and made it possible: Kimpu Jonathan Swan Zenji, Shika at DBZ, Sozan, Tozan, and all the many hands that were needed for this event.

Special attendees from far away included Seigaku Kigen William Ekeson Osho from the Bodhidharma Zendo in Vienna (Austria), Muichi Osho from Honei-ji in Saitama-ken, Zengetsu Myokyo Judith McLean Osho from Enpuku-ji in Montreal (Canada), Jiun Veronika Katona from Stainz (Austria), Junryu Eran Vardi Roshi and Rev. Myogen from Eiryu-ji in New Jersey, Dokan Charles Martin Zenji, Shika at Mt. Baldy Zen Center, Ginsei Ginger Calloway ZenniOren Beth Shaefer ZenniKoshin Susan Crozier from Rinzai-ji, and many more.

Thank you for being a constant presence at the Zendo to Jodo Franco Deangelis Koji, good luck to Tangen Brian Canning Koji and Giten Maat Manninen Koji, whose life paths took them from the Boston area to other places in the United States. A special thanks to James Murdock and Virginia Toner for their long-lasting  practice, support, and dedication.

Last, but not least, our thanks to all who have contributed generously by their presence and financial contributions.