2014 Gratitude & Thanks

As we have moved into 2015 it is time to acknowledge and thank those who have given their time and commitment to Charles River Zen.

Jodo Franco DeAngelis

We wanted to thank Jodo for his ten years of faithful service as the treasurer of our non-profit organization. Jodo has managed the financials from our early days at the Cambridge Buddhist Association through our moves to various locations in Watertown. As a token of appreciation we have presented Jodo with a framed print of Bodhidharma by Sengai Gibon (1750-1837). Jodo also celebrated his tenth anniversary having taken Jukai and having received his dharma name. Congratulations to a steadfast practitioner!

An Anonymous Donor

The Diamond Sutra Weekend in November was a great success. It would not have been possible to break even without the generous donation of an unnamed donor who covered the travel expense and honoraria for the two presenters, Prof. Hori and Prof. Roth. Many thanks for the generous donation that made the workshop possible.

The Charles River Zen Sangha

It is always great to acknowledge those who serve regularly as officers at the sittings. Serving the tea or keeping time are important pillars in the setup of formal Zen practice. Many thanks to everyone who has taken up the challenge to ring the bell or make the tea:

Jodo Franco DeAngelis, Myoki Monica McTighe, Eigetsu Theodora Francis, Maat Manninen, Patrick Mair, and the vice-abbess Shuko M. Rubin Jaeckel.

Our Zen Masters and Zen Ancestors

We give great thanks to the ancestors in the lineage of Zen that follows Rinzai Gigen, and the living Zen masters who manifest living Buddhism and Rinzai Zen. Deep gratitude to the late Kyozan Joshu Roshi, his life, which was dedicated to the teaching and the manifestation of the way of Rinzai Zen. Deep gratitude also to Shinge Roshi of the Zen Studies Society, who has taken in our group at Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji and generously shared her teachings and guidance.