2011 Contributors & Donors

After leaving the 75 Sparks Street center Charles River Zen needed to find a new home. We wanted to thank all of the sangha for their help with packing and moving out, storing the 60 cartons of books from the library, offering transportation, helping hands and so much more. Thank you all (in alphabetical order):

Adam Bright
Chris Scarpino
Daniela Gadamska
David Karp
Denise Patnod
Eigetsu Theodora Francis
Ginny Toner
Hendrik Lenferink
Hōgen Sevn McAuley
Jamie Murdock
Jōdo Franco DeAngelis
Kristina Hogg
Matt Mattinen
Mike Siegel
Myōki Monica McTighe
Paul Leischer
Peter A. Crawley
Ryan Weber
Shūkō Marlene Rubin
Taigen Amos Worth
Trey Schutrumpf


Your generous donations to Charles River Zen allow us to run the programs we offer and sustain our presence. We are very thankful for your donations and your support.
Aiko Beth Goldring
David Karp
Monica McTighe
Mike Siegel
Hendrik Lenferink
Peter A. Crawley
Cambridge Buddhist Association